IMPORTANT: Many financial companies are being targeted by scams. Please be extra vigilant when receiving unexpected calls. If you receive a call from someone asking to transfer funds, please hang up immediately.

We would ask you to phone us on 020 7252 5765 to report anyone using the name of Medical Family Finance fraudulently.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Mortgage & Property Q&A

semi detached houses

Many clients have used the last two years to consider their current lifestyle and to revaluate their goals for the future.

As our homes are often the biggest asset we hold, you may be wondering if you are getting the best mortgage deal or perhaps keen to know if you could use your property fund a purchase for a loved one. You may have thought about moving further afield with more time spent working ‘remotely’ or acquiring a second home or holiday let.

If you are considering how to get your property asset to work harder for you and your family, please watch the following webinar.

Our head of mortgages, Beulah Antonin, gave viewers the chance for clients and viewers to pose the mortgage questions they wanted answering.

For further information or to talk to an adviser, please complete our contact form or phone 020 7252 5765.

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