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We are all familiar with protecting our cars, property and travel plans with insurance. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones, however, is vitally important but can be easily missed with busy schedules and urgent tasks.

For example, your mortgage is likely to be your greatest financial commitment and relies on your income to repay the loan. If you were to suffer an accident or face a long-term illness, how long would your current provisions last?

Our team will assess your current plans and whether you have the right tools in place, if at all, to ensure you are fully protected should any unforeseen event happen. If you need to build on your existing plans, we will consider your overall objectives and make clear, simple recommendations to enhance your protection and ensure your family is safeguarded for the future.

We can help you to make the right decisions in terms of income protection, critical illness cover, life insurance and mortgage protection. We can also advise on Relevant Life insurance and executive income protection – both of which can be facilitated and funded by your private practice.

Knowing you have taken care of the most important administration jobs and have done all you can to protect your family should bring you peace of mind.

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