Director’s Viewpoint – December 2020


This time last year pensions tax was a major issue for many of our clients. A survey by the Royal Colleges revealed that nearly half of doctors were planning to retire earlier than expected, citing pension concerns as the reason. In fact, in the last decade, the number of doctors in England and Wales taking […]

Churchill and the plastic fiver

So the new plastic fiver has entered circulation and like Charlie Bucket’s quest for the elusive Wonka ticket, members of the public anxiously grappled to get their hands on the notes with a low serial number. Within hours of the official release, lucky recipients had uploaded their polymer prize on eBay with the highest resale […]

Brexit: what now?

Since the EU referendum on 23 June, it has been impossible to write a blog on ‘Brexit’ without the political news changing within hours. Politicians have come and gone, some have even come back after leaving. We have a new prime minister in place but the pound is still volatile and the UK is looking […]

How do we inspire the young?

A recent survey found that the top career choices for five-to-11 year olds in the UK are sports star, pop star and actor. Around 25 years ago, the aspirations were teacher, banker and doctor. How did our profession become so unpopular? Admittedly the public relations programme of the medical profession has not had a great […]

He’s watching you…

As I write the front pages are adorned with photos of the latest Celebrity Big Brother winner. Forget war, religion and politics – this is apparently news. Most of us won’t recognise any of the contestants; many are former participants from other reality TV shows simply bouncing from one ‘it’s been a journey’ moment to […]